The Spotted Bass

The spotted bass is another black bass family member and popular freshwater game fish in North America. They are commonly mistaken for their more common largemouth brethren by the untrained eye due to their similar appearance and the fact they are often caught in the same waters. However, they are easily identifiable once you know what to look for.

How To Identify A Spotted Bass

Spotted bass can be differentiated from a largemouth by the clear connection between the two top dorsal fins, while largemouths are almost separate. Their jaw does not extend past its eye like the largemouths, and the spotted bass possesses a small rectangular rough patch in the center of its tongue. The spotted bass has multiple dotted rows on the stomach, whereas a largemouth bass's stomach is plain.

  • Rows of dark spots below lateral line
  • Upper jaw does not extend beyond back of eye
  • Small rectangular rough patch on tongue
  • Softer v-shape between dorsal fins

Alternative Common Names For The Spotted Bass

Like their large and smallmouth cousins, these Mississippi River Basin native fish also have their share of common names:

  • Spotty
  • Spots
  • Kentucky Bass
  • Kentucky Spotted Bass
  • Northern Spotted Bass
  • Alabama Spotted Bass
  • Coosa Spotted Bass