Perfection Loop Knot

The perfection loop, also known as the anglers loop, is a strong and efficient knot for tying a loop to the end of a fishing line. It is a non-slip loop knot, and easy to tie for a beginner.

Use Cases For The Perfection Loop Knot

  • Can be used for a "loop to loop" leader connection providing quick and convenient leader changes.
    • You can leave a leader attached to a lure, with a perfection loop tied to the end, to quickly swap lures out when using a snap swivel.
  • Loop knots provide extra freedom of movement for lures when required.

How To Tie A Perfection Loop Knot

  1. Create a smaller loop, crossing in front of the standing line. Make sure you leave enough of a tag end to create a second loop.
  2. Using the tag end, form a second loop behind the first loop.
  3. Pass the tail end between the two loops.
  4. Grab the second loop and pull it through the first loop, to begin tightening the knot, but do not fully tighten.
  5. Wet the line.
    • Note: At this point you can pull on the tag end to adjust the size of the loop.
  6. Pull on the loop and the standing line to finish tightening down the knot
  7. Trim the tag end.
  8. Congratulations, you've just learned to tie a perfection loop knot!